Commute: Altona North to City (Safest route?)

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Commute: Altona North to City (Safest route?)

Postby dennisb » Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:58 pm

Hi all,

I live in Altona North and wanted to pick your brains to find the safest possible way to ride into the city.

I am located right here: Position on Google Map

and would prefer to get to an off-road path as safely as possible to head into the CBD (around the docklands area).

I'm not a very confident cyclist, and prefer to avoid roads with heavy traffic.

Thank you all in advance,


EDIT: I can very easily get onto the Federation Trail, if that makes things any easier. But once that gets to Millers Road intersection, I have no idea which road is the safest to ride. I also don't mind if the route adds additional time to my commute.

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Re: Commute: Altona North to City (Safest route?)

Postby slowrider » Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:27 pm

Option 1;
From where you are, take the back roads around Nth Altona down to where Blackshaws road meets Melbourne rd, turn right go down Mlb road towards the old flour mills (about 200m on you left) turn into the subway (not the shop) crossing on your left, after the sub way turn left up Hall street and head towards the Science Works on the river, take bicycle punt across the river, once off the punt turn left and follow the river into the city.

Not sure if punt is working all the time yet but I think it starts in Sept/OCT.

Option 2 (if punt not working);

Same route down to Hall Street, follow Hall Street passed Spotswood Station and the rail gates, turn right at next street (old ACI glass factory), go down to the river, turn left, continue to the first street passed the first set of traffic lights, turn right go down to the next major road, carefuly cross road find shared bike path, follow up to New Footscray road/Docklands Highway, turn right follow int the city.

Hope this helps.

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