1st North Road Ride Today.

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1st North Road Ride Today.

Postby DC Pedal-Pusher » Wed Sep 22, 2010 12:58 pm

Hi all,
I just wanted to get a few tips here...

I have been riding a roadie for about 8-9 months now, coming from Dual Susp BG im really enjoying road riding.
Today 5:45am i did my first North Rd Ride.
It was great, i have wanted to do the week rides for ages, but i was concerned about Riding in a Big Bunch, Keeping Up, not knowing anyone etc etc. I just had to build confidence.
The past few weeks i havent slept well and this morning was no different, up at 4am...err!

I thought screw it, im going to see what this is all about. Gear on, quick bite, got there on time.
I rode well, no problem...really enjoyable, just damn early!

My Question:
Heading into Mordi, a group peeled off to head back. I joined as i thought the other group who continued on would head to Frankston.
QUESTION A. where do the 'continuing on' group head to?

As i was with the 'heading back group' these guys did rolling turns, which i contributed for 3 cycles. I had no intention to so i dropped off as my Heart Rate Blew up (198BPM) - (didnt realise NO BEEPING) sorry for that!

QUESTION B. What are other general rules for these group rides.

BTW, i was caught up by the 'continuing group' and re-joined which was a hell of a lot better than havin to bust out by myself all the way to BP.

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Re: 1st North Road Ride Today.

Postby pawnii » Fri Sep 24, 2010 10:17 am

Congrats on you first ride.
Be careful, Beach road bashing can be addictive :twisted:

I've been hitting beach road for over 4yrs now so i might be able to answer your questions.

Answer A
The two main stops/turn around points are Mordialloc and Frankston so you are correct.
There is a nice little climb (300m or so and peaks at 15% for 50m) on Beach road in Frankston called Olivers hill. A lot of cyclists climb that and turn around and head back though some riders keep riding to Mornington and beyond. There is also the infamous Two Bays Road loop in Frankston for those who are looking for a hill climb.

Answer B
I've never had an issue joining a pack on Beach road. I think the rule of thumb is that you're welcome unless your told otherwise.
Some teams/clubs train on beach road and would rather keep to themselves which i think you have to respect. Most people don't mind if you roll with them. The bigger the bunch the less work for each rider i guess:)
It's always a good idea to ask someone in the group if you're unsure.
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