More good news Kororoit Creek to Federation Trail

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More good news Kororoit Creek to Federation Trail

Postby footloose » Sat Oct 15, 2011 4:18 pm

From Adrian Gray at Brimbank Council,

Quote from email,
The extension of the Kororoit Creek trail from Learmonth Crescent to the
Federation Trail has been delayed since 2008 because of a City West
Water project to build a new sewer pipe in exactly the same location.
The sewer project started about 2 years ago is very nearly finished.

Council is about to tender the plans for the construction of this trail
and we hope to have it completed by the middle of 2012, which will be
very exciting as we see this as a key link in our off-road trail

FYI, we are currently building a two kilometre extension of the Kororoit
Creek Trail in Deer Park from where it ends at Billingham Street to
Isabella Williams Memorial Reserve. This is scheduled for completion in
December 2011 and will link the trail to the new District Park we are
currently developing at this reserve. Stage 1 of this reserve upgrade
will open in late November.
End Quote.

See if you can find the time to send an email to Adrian to thank him and the council for pushing forward with these extensions.
The link from Learmonth Cresc. to the Federation Trail is really going to open up a great ride.

Adrian Gray <>

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