Group Ride Sunday mornings - Lynbrook

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Re: Group Ride Sunday mornings - Lynbrook

Postby oldnewby » Wed Oct 24, 2012 7:48 am

well done recurveron, and hear hear, thanks to Matt & Eric for the training rides leading up. Hopefully I can get a few more in with you guys soon.
Great to hear you got through, and the bike performed well for you.
Next for me... Eastlink, and then the Audax Alpine Classic in January. Not sure what distance I'll do, but toying with the idea of trying 200km....
Will see how the next few months pan out!

Well done again on ATB, hopefully see you guys soon.
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Re: Group Ride Sunday mornings - Lynbrook

Postby matt.blak » Wed Oct 24, 2012 10:58 pm

Good effort, it is a milestone to complete the ATB, sort of your riding coming of age.

I will be back on the bike on Sunday for a local tootle, time to get serious for the 150km Slog om 10-Nov. Just a few more hills than the ATB. I have received my seven peaks passport and will be attempting to ride all 7 before 30-March. Ron I will be attempting to get my weight down to under 85kg, maybe we could arrange some sort of a swap?

It has been a lot of fun to do some training rides over winter, with warmer weather riding should be more fun.

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