Wangaratta Cyclists report the Magpie Spots!!

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Wangaratta Cyclists report the Magpie Spots!!

Postby bardygrub » Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:22 am

Hi All,

If there is any Wang cyclists on here, please report were you are being swooped!

1. Warby range rd, were south wang school use to be. This one will come at you from front on as well will give you five swoopes before he finishes.

2. About a k past the above magpie heading towords glenrowan on the rise.

3. Glenrowan bowya rd, half way between old hume highway and Taminick wangaratta rd. (near cream and green farm house)

4. Greta Rd about 4 k past snow rd heading towards greta (near big cattle yard on left)

5. about three k past the above magpie as you are heading up the hill.

6. 1 k before greta cross rds.

7. Moyhu- glenrowan rd about 4 k past the cross roads.

They are really starting to annoy me as my neck is starting to get sore from looking around at them and my average speed is suffering as well.

Bring on summer!!


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