Riding from Licola

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Riding from Licola

Postby TraceyG » Fri May 10, 2013 5:28 pm

What better way to spend an RDO than enjoying a day out on the bicycle!

Husband was working at the Licola Lions Village today so I snagged a lift up with him, had a coffee, said hello to the team there, and then hopped on my bike to go straight back home again.

There are some decent climbs coming out of Licola and then some nice cruisy flats. Temperature was in the low to mid 20s the whole way in glorious sunshine through some amazing country.

A farmer moving cattle on the road at Cowwarr told me he wanted a blue heeler dog like my headlight - bright and works well!

123 km, five hours of riding time at an average speed of 24.7kmh, burnt 1,584 calories - damn I feel good! I've been wanting to try this road for ages so it was really satisfying to actually achieve it at last.

My only frustration was that the GPS signal failed and I wasn't able to capture the first half of my ride on Strava.

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Re: Riding from Licola

Postby thecaptn » Fri May 10, 2013 6:26 pm

Lovely country.
I like the Traralgon - Walhalla - Traralgon on a quiet day which is about 100km. I can sometimes catch a lift with wifey when she goes out of town for work, I was able to do the Bairnsdale - Orbost rail trail, we stayed in the motel paid for by work :wink: and back to Bairnsdale the next day to be picked up. 8)

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Re: Riding from Licola

Postby macca33 » Fri May 10, 2013 7:32 pm

Would've been a different story from Traralgon up to Licola! :lol:

Seriously now - having driven that road a number of times, I certainly see how it would make for a very good ride - as do most of the roads throughout Gippsland - hills if you want to climb and enough flat if that is your style - or mix it up also.

Great day for it - well, the past few weeks have been fantastic, we're having a very mild Autumn.

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