Head Bike Mechanic/Workshop Manager for Non-profit org

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Head Bike Mechanic/Workshop Manager for Non-profit org

Postby goodcycles » Tue Nov 12, 2013 10:10 am

Good Cycles is a non-profit organisation that operates teams of mobile bicycle mechanics across Melbourne. We travel to our customers on cargo bikes — with all tools/parts on board — and service bikes at offices, universities, events, public places, bike paths. As registered charity, we direct 100% of our profits towards providing mentoring, training and jobs to disadvantaged people in the community.

Good Cycles is currently seeking a full-time head bicycle mechanic/workshop manager. Please pass this on to anyone you feel may be interested.

The job can be viewed at Ethical Jobs:

http://www.ethicaljobs.com.au/Members/g ... ganisation

More about Good Cycles:



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