[MEL] Lost/stolen Sidi shoes, Assos knicks & Met helmet

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[MEL] Lost/stolen Sidi shoes, Assos knicks & Met helmet

Postby singletracking » Fri Jul 18, 2008 9:12 pm

What a bloody debacle. The short of it:

This evening after work, I managed to leave behind a clear plastic bag containing my near-new Sidi Dragon shoes, my brand-new-today Assos Mille S5 knicks and my Met Ippogriffo helmet. They were last 'seen' sitting on the naturestrip on the Corner of Queens Lane and Lorne Street (between St Kilda Rd and Queens Rd).

When I realised 15 mins later as I was driving up Punt Road it was too late - I called a work colleague wh ran out and they were gone.

Dammit, dammit, dammit.

(Unfortunatlely?) I left them behind only just to the side of the homeless shelter bldg on Queens Road. Does anyone know who this is run by, I'd love to call them to see if my gear has been 'handed in'.

Yes - called Police: nothing.

If anyone comes across a pair of nice near-new Sidi Dragons size 41 in midnight blue or a brand new pair of Assos Mille S5 knicks in Size S (with the straps lengthened by the helpful people at Assos) or a gunmetal grey Met Ippogriffo (the model with the mesh over the vents) in a pawn shop, do let me know... Thankyou.

Or any other tips of where to look - any other avenues for recovering lost property (as in places where it might be handed-in etc...)?


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