Wiggle Mornington

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Wiggle Mornington

Postby bog1953 » Tue Feb 11, 2014 11:50 am

I did the Wiggle Bendigo Belter in November 2013,that was my first organised ride. That was one of my best rides I've ever had, just a great day. I drove from East Malvern to Bendigo, arrived at 6.00am, greeted at registration enthusiastically. Went to the bike mechanics to have my bike checked, where they identified a compatibility problem with chain and cassette, which I had changed during the week. The mechanic did some adjustments, but the first hill tHe chain tried to change up and down when under pressure. So I had to walk up some hills. After about 10k the support vehicle drove up next to me to ask how I was going, I told them fine. After anther 5k the mechanics drove next to me to see how I was. Told them about the problem but said I was copping with it, at the feed station they were waiting for me. Again a few adjustments and away I went, with some improvement. At every junction the marshals clapped and encouraged me. At the finish someone rushed over to me with a large bottle of water. I only did the fun run, which was 60k. I came in 16th out of a field of ....... 16. The mechanical problems account for 10% my placing! the engine 90%! I will be attending wiggle Morngton and I hope the bike community supports this event, if the Bendigo event is any guide a good time is to be had.i rode a steel Tommasini and was disappointed that there was no other vintage bikes. By the way I have no affiliation with wiggle or the organisers. Cheers

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Re: Wiggle Mornington

Postby danny the boy » Wed Feb 12, 2014 11:25 am

Ive done 2 Belter's and the Mornington ride last year but the timing of this one is in the middle of 3 other rides I'm doing in the space of 4 weeks so will probably miss it. Wiggle have really got their act together with these now and they are now very well organised rides, the only problem is nobody goes on them. I did Amy's Ride last Sunday on a similar course and it was a total shambles, probably should of went with this one instead. The weekend traffic on the penninsula is a bit of a worry when there is large amounts of riders around, prefer the rides in country areas.

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Re: Wiggle Mornington

Postby clackers » Wed Feb 12, 2014 12:46 pm

danny the boy wrote: I did Amy's Ride last Sunday on a similar course and it was a total shambles, probably should of went with this one instead.

I'm a survivor of that ride, too!

Still love riding the peninsula, traffic notwithstanding. :)

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Re: Wiggle Mornington

Postby jamesn184 » Sat Feb 15, 2014 10:14 am

I've done the first 2 Wiggle rides in Bendigo and then Mornington.. I did notice that they made a better effort the 2nd time around with more food options on the feed stations

I find it's still better value for money over doing ATB even if not as many people show up for the Wiggle rides

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