Tracks off Great Ocean Road; Princetown and Glenaire

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Tracks off Great Ocean Road; Princetown and Glenaire

Postby andrewpp » Sat Sep 26, 2015 10:34 am

Writing from South Oz: Does someone have local knowledge.

1. From Princetown on the Great Ocean Road there is the option to follow the bitumen, the old ocean road, or The Old Coach Road, which joins Moonlight Head Road and eventually comes back to the bitumen. Is this passable with a flat bar touring setup, or is it all too sandy to ride? I don't mind walking a few hundred yards here and there, but don't want to have to walk 15km!

Many thanks.


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Re: Tracks off Great Ocean Road; Princetown and Glenaire

Postby il padrone » Fri Oct 16, 2015 6:08 pm

Late reply to this, but hopefully I can help you.

From Princetown the Old Ocean Road is a good road to take, a quiet flat run winding along following the Gellibrand River on a good gravel road. It will save you a big climb and descent on the Great Ocean Road with less traffic. Excellent on a flat-bar touring bike.

The Old Coach Rd is a good deal more challenging; great if you are riding a MTB running 2" tyres. It does have some quite sandy soft patches, but generally less than about 2kms. This is always seasonal - sandy roads will be worse in mid-late summer, firmer in late winter and spring. Riding from Princetown is probably not so good as the reverse, because you will be doing a fair bit of climbing. If you are game for it, it is a great ride, a much more remote ride with expansive coastal views. I have only ridden this road the once, from Moonlight Head to Princetown, and it was about 15 years ago. Conditions will have changed a bit, no doubt.

There is also an Old Coach Rd that leads down to Johanna, from west of Lavers Hill - you will miss the last climb to LH. You need to go in along the Hiders Access Track. This is a rough gravel road, and then later be sure not to take Milanesia Track but veer left. Later you go through a gate onto a farm road (Old Coach Road) and this is a gorgeous route close to the coastal cliffs in the last 3-4kms. I've only ever climbed it from Johanna, but it would be great coming the other direction.


Re Glenaire. Just after the turnoff from the GOR to Johanna at Red Johanna Rd, there is left-turn onto the Old Ocean Rd. This an excellent winding descent to near Glenaire. Very worthwhile doing to get away from the traffic. It has a good gravel surface; you may get a milk truck or school bus during the week, if you are unlucky ;)
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