Mascot Cycles closing down

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Mascot Cycles closing down

Postby ironhanglider » Fri Apr 22, 2016 9:50 am

I've only recently moved back to Melbourne, and I went to look up an old friend, Ray Bluecher.

It turns out that I was just in time because after many years in Bridge Road, Ray is closing his shop and moving to cycling paradise in Italy. Or at least sharing his time between his new house in Italy and Gippsland.

The last trading day is tomorrow Saturday 23 April.

Not surprisingly there is a sale on.



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Re: Mascot Cycles closing down

Postby AndyBlucher » Sat Apr 23, 2016 7:37 pm

From what I understand (as a poorly informed brother), Ray has sold the premises but not the business.

So, you never know, Mascot Cycles may just "pop up" from time to time :-)


Uncle Just
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Re: Mascot Cycles closing down

Postby Uncle Just » Sat Apr 23, 2016 9:27 pm

I wondered if he owned the freehold. The auction was on when I wandered in a month or so ago and he was sitting in the back room listening intently to the bidding. His shop, once it moved across the road, never quite kept pace with the changing face of retail and he had too much competition locally. Pity as I liked the ambience and buzz of the old shop when steel was still in vogue. Btw Andy the race frame I bought from Ray 20 years ago, said to be yours possibly and made circa 78, is still going strong. Fits and rides very well.

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Re: Mascot Cycles closing down

Postby AndyBlucher » Mon May 02, 2016 9:45 pm

Nice to hear it's still going strong. I suspect it was one of Ray's own, rather than mine.


Raimondo da Lozzo
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Re: Mascot Cycles closing down

Postby Raimondo da Lozzo » Thu Dec 22, 2016 5:01 am

I've always found the things people post in online forums interesting from the point of view that they are so often misinformed.
So here are a few facts-
One of my favorites is the statement by some one that all the Blucher frames were made by Kevin Wigham aka Paconi.
While it's true the Kevin built some frames for Mascot cycles, the vast majority (thousands) were built by Kerry Hopkins in Sydney.
Then there were the hundreds of Japanese and Italian made "cleanskins imported by the late Martin Hanley of Hanley trading.

Then there's the recent comment that the store never really kept pace after moving to 381 Bridge rd.

I actually don't understand this comment, however in raw business terms it was the best move as Mascot cycles purchased the freehold at 381 Bridge rd. Owner Ray Blucher aka Raimondo now lives in Italy where he manages Australian distribution of Scapin, Olympia and Frera bicycles.
He also runs" non boot camp" Cycling holidays know as the Giro dei Colli in the Veneto region.
More info can be found on the Mascot cycles - Cicli Mascot Facebook page.

Meanwhile Mascot Cycles is alive and well in the form of Mascot cycles online. The business is based in Mernda Vic and run by Raimondo's brother Andrew. ... cles-/7001

Blucher frames are still available and made to order near Padova in Italy and you can order through the online store
( )

Thanks for reading, enjoy the ride!

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