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Taralla Creek to Lilydale link (Pipetrack/Freeway reserve) updates?

Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 8:04 pm
by antigee
sometime back I saved a map from an article somewhere that was saying that approval and funding was happening for a link from the end of the Taralla Creel Trail in Croydon (I think apologies if mislabelled your suburb) using a waterpipe reserve and the unused Healesville Freeway reserve to get to Lilydale and in effect linking Carrum and Warburton via Eastlink trail/Dandenong Creek - any one know if open? my saved map has comment planned open mid 2016 - is it worth me going to look? - I've no enthusiasm for the like of Mount Dandenong or Dorset rd


Re: Taralla Creek to Lilydale link (Pipetrack/Freeway reserve) updates?

Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 9:33 pm
by BJL
I messaged Bicycle Network (Whatever they consider themselves these days), in December last year about this. Vicroads has installed and has operating pedestrian lights at Dorset Road, Mt Dandenong Rd and Cambridge Rd for some time now but nothing else appears to have been done. This path is not even going to be sealed. Packed gravel so how hard can it be? 'Supposed' to be finished a year ago but other than the pedestrian lights, NOTHING appears to have been done.

BN responded and said 'wait for an update on the tender process in Jan 2017'. I've given up. My guess is that one day a few years down the track (excuse the pun) someone from Vicroads will question why the pedestrian crossings are there and have them ripped up. It's a stupid route anyway. It should be run along the railway line and get the land reserved for it at the Lilydale end before the developers get hold of that land and fill it with dog boxes. But no, it'll be left until it is far too late and we'll be once more left with disjointed, unusable, substandard crap. As usual.

And for future reference, BN refer to it as the O'shannassy Pipe trail on the BN website if you want the non existent updates.

BN don't care about grassroots stuff anymore. I sent them a few photos of the recently reconstructed path from Heathmont to HE Parker reserve in Bayswater and they really couldn't care less. And the rail trail to Belgrave through Bayswater (which the aforementioned path is part of) has been completed for a couple of months now, not that they could notice or give a rats because the site hasn't been updated for a year now.

As soon as I find cheaper insurance, Bicycle Network will be gone from my life. They can get stuffed. I hope they read this.

Re: Taralla Creek to Lilydale link (Pipetrack/Freeway reserve) updates?

Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:24 pm
by antigee
Cheers BJL - yep I might be heading back to UK in a couple of years and was thinking I'll keep my BicycleVictoria membership as I expect they'll soon be busy organising one or two recreational rides there :-)

didn't realise that section called O'shannassy as well as stuff up near Warburton - to confuse google tells me WhitehorseCyclists are keeping up to date on plans for the Healesville Freeway reserve - but on checking this is for a section south and west between Springvale and Boronia roads.....

meanwhile my lunchtime googlefoo yields a document to residents from Yarra Ranges councils about planned vegetation removal and pretty bluntly saying that all consultations have been completed - this doc is dated sept 2016
(warning this is a downloadable word doc - not a web link) ... _2017.docx

this doc links back to: ... ydale-link

with latest news being:
"Project update – August 2016
As part of the $7.4 million project funded by the Victorian Government, we're currently finalising the design of the Bayswater to Lilydale link. In preparation for the rail, pedestrian operated signals on Dorset Road and Mount Dandenong Road in Croydon have been installed.

Construction of the trail is targeted for completion in 2017."

"The next section to be completed runs from Oak Lane in Croydon South to Eastfield Road in Croydon."

so looks like reasonable possibility will happen but I won't be holding my breathe but crossing my fingers

Re: Taralla Creek to Lilydale link (Pipetrack/Freeway reserve) updates?

Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 2:22 pm
by BJL
Thanks for the links.

I was going by the info on the Bicycle Network site which simply says 'The trail is expected to be completed by the middle of next year.', in the most recent post dated April 2015. Also judging by the pedestrian lights which were installed in 2015, I would have thought that was reasonable target. The delay on what is a simple gravel path is really inexcusable.

And I agree that the name BN used is confusing. I wish they'd get their act together and be consistent with what everyone else is calling it.