Queensland Sunshine Coast gets cycleways

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Queensland Sunshine Coast gets cycleways

Postby mich rolling » Thu Jul 02, 2009 12:48 am

http://www.thedaily.com.au/news/2009/ju ... cket-ride/

Another $3M for cycleways on the coast north of Brisbane. The SE Qld cycle strategy goal of a region-wide system of high quality core cycling routes accessible to everyone from the NSW border to Noosa and inland to Ipswich is coming together.

The 'comments' section on this article is the usual mix of 'cyclists should stay off the road they don't pay for', cyclists delay motorists therefore it is not a great problem if a car hits them and why build a regional cycle network as no-one will ride from Noosa to Ipswich. (I love the last one, why then build roads from Brisbane to Perth as everyone flies rather than spend three days on the road?)

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