Southbank TAFE bike racks, Round 2

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Southbank TAFE bike racks, Round 2

Postby beauyboy » Thu Jul 30, 2009 5:26 pm

As some of you might remember from last year I was endevering to get some Nice new Bike Racks provided at Southbank TAFE. Well the reason I have been quite for the last 6 months about this topic is not because of being shy :lol: , it was because I was not a student at that TAFE and TAFE had no responsbilty to reply if I put in any quires.

Anyway I am back at Southbank TAFE again this semester madly hopeing that they had got off there ass and installed the new racks they promised almost 18 months ago. :( No luck still the same old racks overflowing as usual. I decided to change tack this time instead asking the Council to install some on the foot paths around the TAFE (on the council owned land)

Heaven Forbid I get a positive reply. I am phoned by BCC officer saying that they are in the pipeline and should be installed around December and comply with AusRoads Standards allowing the frame to be locked to the rack.
And then a media release (see below) yes yes yes
oh, :? 3 new, 6 bay bike rakes, total capcity 18 bikes, umm the current bike racks can hold 20+ bikes and today there were 28 bikes parked at the Colchester St racks, umm 18 ain't going to cut it.

current stage, waiting for council to get back to me confirming the capacity of what will be installed
South Bank students get safer bike parks
Written on the 27 July, 2009

Brisbane City Council is installing new, safer bike racks at the South Bank Institute of Technology to cater for the growing popularity of cycling among its students.

The three new racks will be located along Colchester Street and would hold about six bikes each.

Public and Active Transport Chairman Jane Prentice said this was one way Council was helping to increase South Bank’s appeal to cyclists and pedestrians.

“Cycling to TAFE has been so popular among South Bank students that some of them have had to chain their bikes up to trees and poles around campus,” Cr Prentice said.

“These new racks will provide them with safer places to park their bikes and hopefully encourage even more students to consider taking up cycling as a way of getting to class.”

The new bike racks meet AustRoad standards and allow both the bike frame and wheel to be locked.

Old-style racks only secure the front wheel of the bike, meaning thieves can remove the rest of the bike.

Cr Prentice said Council was also having great success in encouraging school students to take up more-active modes of travel.

“Getting kids active is a priority of ours and we’re really starting to see positive results from our Active School Travel program with a 19 per cent increase in children walking to school and a record 25 per cent decrease in sole family car travel to and from school.”

Lord Mayor Campbell Newman is spending a record $100 million on cycling and pedestrian infrastructure over four years.

This includes $75,000 for new end-of-trip facilities such as bike racks and parking shelters.

It also includes $14.5 million on connecting and expanding Brisbane’s bikeway network this year, as well as about $6.5 million on improving cyclist safety.

For the first time Cr Newman has also allocated $2 million towards a Cycling and Pedestrian Blackspots Program.

[Ends] July 27, 2009

BCC give us some more bikeways fore safe travel!!!!
Upgrade the NCL now QR!!!!!!
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