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Bikefit at Kelvin Grove

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2010 11:27 am
by Wazza
Has anyone had a bike fit from the guy at Kelvin Grove in Brisbane? I have been struggling with new cleats, new shoes etc and I can't get the setup correct. My knees and ankles are now that sore that after 2 commutes my legs ache like no man's business :cry: for days so it's time for professional help.

Re: Bikefit at Kelvin Grove

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 10:32 am
by soc
Hey Wazza, have you gone and got the bike fit done yet? If so ,let us know how you went (and how much $$ :) )- I really need to get somethiong done as well...

Re: Bikefit at Kelvin Grove

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 2:06 pm
by Wazza
Hi Soc,
First things first, Gary wanted $250 for the fit and he didn't seem too busy. I had a chat with him and he seemed quite amiable and was prepared to set my cleats for free :wink: and then if the pain persisted I would then go to him for the fit. Great offer I thought and I would have taken it up however ....(now comes the convoluted part of the story).......
As well as Bikefit I had also made enquiries with Leon Vogels (QLD Sports Medicine Centre - Max went there as well and seemed very happy) and I got a call back from Leon about a bike fit and after a chat with him he suggested that a physio consult was in order before anything else which set me thinking that if I am to fix this injury I should start with the basics so I went to my GP for a generl check on my legs first. All joints were good for my age however she did notice some tightness and agreed that the physio appointment was a good plan. Last Friday I got in to see Leon and it seems that my old shoes rolled the entire inside of my foot up therefore extending the outer shin muscles (???) and because the new shoes sit flat, the muscle in my outer shin had to shorten. The musles wanted nothing to do with this so they decided that spasming was a good thing :shock:. Leon went about massaging the muscles back into some sort of released state. :cry: What is it about physios and their inherent need to cause pain :cry: (No cup of concrete comments please - I had to put up with that at a party on Saturday night :roll: ) After the session we decided to continue with the bike fit so I am booked in for early March. 2 bikes will cost me $269 so I am happy with that.
And the best bit is with a bit of home muscle kneeding over the weekend, the first ride of the new year was a success :D :D :D