Another 'Courier Mail' beat up against Cyclists

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Another 'Courier Mail' beat up against Cyclists

Postby beauyboy » Mon Feb 01, 2010 8:27 am

OKay this way in the Sunday mail But you get the point.
What drives me nuts about this first artical is I have seen more dangerous cars on the roads then I see of bikes. As for dangerous bike well those are normally riden by people that are not cyclists,23739,26654276-3102,00.html
Call for roadworthy tests to curb bad bikes on Queensland roads
Daniel Knowles
January 31, 2010 12:00am

FORKS on backwards, brakes down to the metal and flat tyres are just some of the dangerous conditions cyclists in Queensland take on to the road, says a bike mechanic calling for compulsory roadworthy certificates.

Andrew Lockhart has been servicing and selling bikes for more than six years.

He said he was shocked by the condition of some bikes ridden on public roads and has called for a compulsory check of the two-wheelers.

"I have seen people wear through the entire rim because they have worn out their brakes completely, metal on metal," said Mr Lockhart, 21, of Aspley in Brisbane's north.

Free bike parking snubbed"Some have forks on backwards. Some have put grease on the rims because their brakes are making noise.

"If they drove a car like that it would be unroadworthy and defective.

"I think a bike should be checked and roadworthied every six months . . . they should set a safety standard."

New Farm bike mechanic Brooke Lawrie , who has been servicing bikes for more than 30 years and recently worked on the Tour Down Under, said cyclists were not being properly fitted, leading to injuries.

As for this second Artical well, they use a photo of withing the RBWH cycle center which is currently got 10% usage, which I think is bloody good considering where that dame place sits. as for the topics in question. Well the lack of usage of these cages is simple down to there being no personal lockers in the cages in my mine. It is all well and good to put in a cage but where are you spose to leave to helmet, lights etc ..etc...,23739,26654289-3102,00.html
Public transport commuters snub free bike parking bays
Carly Hennessy
January 31, 2010 12:00am
SECURE bike shelters across Brisbane remain nearly empty despite $100 million being poured into improving bike ways and building facilities.

Brisbane City Council has spent almost $500,000 on four lockable bike shelters at busways across the suburbs, but visits by The Sunday Mail last week confirmed they are less than 7 per cent full.

Cycling bodies say Brisbane is at the cutting-edge of cycle integration and the commuting public will soon catch up.

Ben Wilson, manager of peak cycling body Bicycle Queensland, said a push by council to make bike paths safer to cycle to work on already had outstanding effects on companies in the city.

Newly built Santos House in the CBD has 300 bike spaces and 60 showers, while the government precinct in George St has hundreds more secure spots to park workers' bikes.

Mr Wilson said the organisation was working with Queensland Transport to install more parking at train stations.

"The car parks (at train stations) are full and they cost a fortune to run, something like a loss of $12,000 per year, but if we get more people riding to stations, those parking spaces only cost (the Government) about $1000 to $1500," Mr Wilson said.

Cr Jane Prentice, public transport spokeswoman for council, defended the $115,000 bike shelters at four busway stations, saying it was necessary to offer multiple options for cyclists. She said some people did not realise the locked cage, which was easily accessible to Carindale, Garden City, Mt Ommaney and Chermside busway stations, was free to use. Cyclists must register for a swipe card and pay a $26 security deposit.

Brisbane City Council is spending $25 million a year on bikeway upgrades, new shared pathways and secure bike parking.

BCC give us some more bikeways fore safe travel!!!!
Upgrade the NCL now QR!!!!!!
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