Bike hire station tenders are called

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Bike hire station tenders are called

Postby beauyboy » Tue Feb 02, 2010 7:45 am

I swear I wish they would just get there finger out and get this done. It seams to be dragging on forever, first early 2009 then late then early 2010 now late 2010. ... -n8qn.html

Bike hire scheme hits first gear TONY MOORE
February 2, 2010 - 5:15AM Be the first to comment

Brisbane's bike-hire scheme will move into gear this morning when tenders go out to build the first of the 150 bike parking stations between St Lucia and Newstead.

Brisbane City Council has revealed the locations of the first batch of parking stations, which will today go out to tender.

Construction will begin in May, and the first of Brisbane's 2000 hire bikes could be in operation by September.

While the bikes will be free for the first 30 minutes, they will cost $11 for the first two hours.

Public Transport committee chair Jane Prentice said she expected the first hire bikes would be operating "in the second half of the year".

Cr Prentice said advertising would cover the operating cost of the scheme, but ratepayers also contribute around $1 million this year.

She said under this contract, Brisbane City Council would also receives a share of income - understood to be about 20 per cent - once the revenue from the bike hire scheme reaches a certain level.

It is understood about $9 million profit is predicted from the scheme for the next 20 years.

Cr Prentice said "City Lights" panels - which will sit next to the actual bike hire station - will provide information about the scheme.

"The City Lights are like our bus stop signs," she said.

"They stand next next to the actual bike hire station,where one side is advertising and the other side is local information about where the next bike station is."

Brisbane's public bike hire scheme will be the first of its kind in Australia.

Operator JC Decaux already run them in several cities including Paris, Barcelona and, most recently, Dublin.

People wanting to hire the bikes pre-register to hire a bike, get a swipe card, which they can them use at any location around the inner-city.

The remaining 35 bike hire stations will go to tender late this year.

Once the scheme is operational, people wanting to use the bikes could buy a swipe card for $55 a year, $25 a quarter, or $10 a day.

As long as the bicycle was returned to one of the locations within 30 minutes, there would be no extra charges.

and then the locations ... -n8pr.html

Where Brisbane's bike hire stations will be placed February 2, 2010 - 5:00AM

- Queen Street, outside the Tank Hotel near Eagle Lane.

- Wharf Street, near Adelaide Street, outside 340 Adelaide Street.

- Queen Street, outside 540 Queen Street.

- Cathedral Square, opposite 369 Ann Street.

- Market Street, 10 Market Street.

- Ann Street, outside 310 Ann Street.

- Edward Street, outside Commonwealth Bank

- Charlotte Street, near Edward Street.

- Mary Street, near Edward Street.

- Alice Street, near Edward Street

- Alice Street, near the Botanical Gardens

- corner Alice Street and Albert Street, near the Botanical Gardens

- Margaret Street, opposite the Royal on the Park hotel at 152 Alice Street

- Mary Street and Albert Street, outside 96 Albert Street

- Charlotte Street, near Albert Street

- Albert Street Mall, near Laubman and Pank

- Albert Street Mall, near Oscar Oscar

- Roma Street, near Ann Street

- Roma Street, near Turbot Street

- Roma Street, near Makerston Street, Brisbane Transit Centre

- Makerston Street, near Roma Street

- Roma Street near the Garrick Street, Magistrates Courts

- Roma Street, outside Holiday Inn

- George Street, near Grosvenor Hotel

- Charlotte Street, George Street

- Mary Street, George Street.

- George Street, near QUT and Parliament House

- William Street at the rear of the Executive Building

- Kurilpa Bridge

- Queen Street, near Wharf Street

- Central Station - Edward Street, near Turbot Street

- William Street, near Treasury Casino

- George and Adelaide Streets, near Telstra building

- Albert Street Mall, opposite King George Square

- Queen Street Mall, near Westpac

- Creek Street, near Commonwealth Bank

- Gardens Point Road, south-east of Goodwill Bridge

- Charlotte Street, near Wilsons Parking

- King George Square

- Tank Street, near George Street

- Upper Roma Street, near Eagle Terrace

- Ann Street, outside Central Railway Station

- Ann Street, near Boundary Street


- Coronation Drive, near Land Street

Fortitude Valley

- Turbot Street near Barry Parade, Fortitude Valley

- Ann Street near Boundary Street

- Turbot Street at Spring Hill

- Brunswick Street near Alfred Street

- Brunswick Street, near Wickham Street

- Constance Street, near St Paul's Terrace

- James Street near McLachlan Street

- James Street, near Kent Street

- Ann Street near the Waterloo Hotel

- Ann Street near Chester Street

- Wickham Street, near Murri Way

- Gipps Street, near Wickham Street

- Merthyr Road, near James Street

- Allen Street, near Wickham Street

- Wickham Street, near Police Station

- Arthur Street, near Brunswick Street

- Ann Street, near Ballow Street

- McLachlan Street, near Winn Street

- East Street, near Mercedes Benz Brisbane

- Bridge Street, near CoCo Republic

- Ann Street, near Cathedral Place

- Turbot Street, near Barry Parade

Kangaroo Point

- Thornton Street ferry terminal

- Annie Street, near Holman Street

- Main Street, near Darragh Street


- McDougall Street, near Park Road

- Park Road, near Subway

- Railway Terrace, near Toowong Milton Body Repairs

- Bicentennial Bikeway, near Lany Road

New Farm

- Lamington Street, near the Powerhouse Entrance

- Lamington Street, near Refinery Parade

- Brunswick Street, near Oxlade Street at New Farm Park

- Sydney Street, near the Fish Cafe

- Merthyr Road, near 7-Eleven

- Barker Street, near Gerlies Bar and Lounge

- Sydney Street, near Ferry Wharf

- Sydney Street, near Moray Street

- Merthyr Road, near Reginald Street

- James Street, near the Purple Olive

- James Street, near James on Browne unit block

- Balfour Street, near Brunswick Street

- Langshaw Street, near Brunswick Street

- Oxlade Drive, near Merthyr Bowls Club


- Doggett Street near Commercial Road

- Commercial Road, near Skyring Terrace

St Lucia

- Hawken Drive, near University of Queensland entrance

- Hawken Drive, near Vintage Cellars

South Brisbane

- Grey Street, near Vulture Street

- Melbourne Street, near Edmonstone Street

- Cordelia Street, opposite AFG

Spring Hill

- Turbot Street, near Bowen Street

- Turbot Street, near Wickham Terrace


- Glen Street, near Benson Street

West End

- Jane Street, near Montague Road

- Hardgrave Road, near Skinner Street

- Vulture Street, near Thomas Street

- Orleigh Street, near Hoogley Street

- Rogers Street near Montague Road

- Drury Street near Montague Road

BCC give us some more bikeways fore safe travel!!!!
Upgrade the NCL now QR!!!!!!
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Re: Bike hire station tenders are called

Postby Pax » Tue Feb 02, 2010 3:12 pm

Yes no doubt the "second half of the year" will end up meaning December, however I am very happy to see a station listed for

Spring Hill
- Turbot Street, near Wickham Terrace

That should be just about across the road from my work and great for quick dashes to the CBD. :D

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Re: Bike hire station tenders are called

Postby beauyboy » Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:57 am

This woman is really starting to get on my nerves, she seams to be oppersition for oppersitions sake.
Surprise surprise the car dealer was worried it would affect his business :roll:

Donald ... -nazh.html
Hire bikes mustn't clog footpaths: Opposition TONY MOORE AND CARA FANNING
February 3, 2010 - 5:36AM Be the first to comment

Brisbane City Council's Labor opposition has called on Lord Mayor Campbell Newman to explain if Brisbane's new bike hire scheme would end up clogging Brisbane footpaths or inner-city streets.

Council yesterday put the first 115 of the 150 bike hire stations out to to tender, which are expected to be operating from about September.

They will eventually hold 2000 hire bikes between St Lucia, the CBD and Newstead.

However opposition leader Shayne Sutton said it was still unclear whether the bikes could be used on footpaths and if additional inner-city bikepaths would be needed.

"Campbell Newman still has not released to the community a broad set of plans which show the impact of the bike hire scheme," she said.

"We still don't know what road space they will be taking and where the road space will be.

"And we still don't know what the full impact will be on pedestrian traffic."

Cr Sutton said Queensland was one of the few states where cyclists can legally use footpaths.

The Labor opposition voted in favour of the scheme last year, but Cr Sutton said it was now time to provide extra information to local businesses, pedestrians and commuters.

She said she believed the illuminated signs to go beside the bike hire stations could cause problems in some residential areas and called for extra consultation in high density areas like Fortitude Valley and Newstead.

Cr Newman's office was approached for comment, but did not respond last night.

Details of where the first bike hire stations would be located were released yesterday.

Meanwhile, businesses close to the proposed bike hire stations approached by have been positive about their impending installation.

However, some businesses said the council had not notified them about plans to have a bike station located outside their premises.

Amy Rosenthal, manager of CoCo Republic, on the corner of Bridge Street and Wickham Street, said she knew nothing about the scheme, but said, "any initiatives are good initiatives that get people outside and active".

Royal on the Park Manager Mark Evans said although he was unsure where the bike hire station would fit on Alice Street, it was a "positive thing from our point of view".

But Audi Centre Brisbane's General Manager Richard Nicolson said he was concerned it may affect business.

The Tank Hotel on Queen Street was unable to comment, saying it was unaware of the project.

BCC give us some more bikeways fore safe travel!!!!
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Re: Bike hire station tenders are called

Postby goneriding » Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:16 am

How long before they get used for a River Loop race :D I can just see packs riding these on a Saturday mornings!

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Re: Bike hire station tenders are called

Postby beauyboy » Thu Feb 04, 2010 7:19 am

ok The Lord Mayor has made a reply ... -nd01.html
Lord Mayor to Sutton: 'on your bike' TONY MOORE
February 3, 2010 - 3:34PM Comments 3

Lord Mayor Campbell Newman has dismissed opposition concerns that Brisbane's inner-city streets and footpaths will be clogged by 2000 hire bikes, after Brisbane City Council introduces its bike hire scheme in September.

Labor opposition leader Shayne Sutton yesterday questioned how much road space the the hire bikes would take up on Brisbane streets.

But Cr Newman today hit back at Labor and said their concerns had no merit.

"The Opposition talked about bike hire schemes and they talked about a cycle network for Brisbane, but they never delivered," he said.

"Just as they never delivered on new modern buses for the city, or a network of cross-river tunnels and an upgraded road network."

Cr Newman, who today was on hand to see the first bus roll off the construction line at a new bus build facility at Eagle Farm, said he was surprised at Cr Sutton's criticism.

"I am surprised that anybody would criticise using environmentally-friendly transport in the Brisbane CBD," he said.

Labor councillors voted in favour of the bike hire scheme, but said further detail was needed on where the bikes would use the roads and bikeways.

This morning, Cr Newman said helmets for the cyclists taking up the scheme would be able to be hired or bought from locations close to the bike hire stations.

Casual users can use their own helmet, hire a helmet, or buy one when a 12-month cycle subscription is paid.

Hire fees and locations were yet to be worked out, Cr Newman said.

"We are literally looking at various locations, such as newsagents if you like, around the CBD," he said.

"So if there is a bike hire station of significance there will also be locations nearby where you can hire or buy a helmet.

"We have already done the procurement work on that and we believe we can deliver the helmets quite economically."

BCC give us some more bikeways fore safe travel!!!!
Upgrade the NCL now QR!!!!!!
My views do not represent any organisation I may be apart of unless otherwise stated

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