RE bicycle roadworthys

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RE bicycle roadworthys

Postby Jungle Fever! » Tue Feb 02, 2010 8:56 pm

Article below ... 52,00.html

I'm Andrew Lockhart (the guy in the article). I just want to set this straight THIS ARTICLE IS A COMPLETE LOAD OF BS AND IS A LIE!!! Typical d grade journalism.

They actually lied to me, here I was, thinking that I had a chance to defend cyclist but they then go & turn the story around to make me look some filthy politician or something.

I DO NOT think there should be compulsory road worthys on bikes.
I DO NOT think there should be bicycle licencing
I DO NOT think there should be bicycle registration.

A news reporter called me up last week (as I work as an independant mechanic) and they asked me questions about bicycle safety as they wanted to do a report.

They asked what some of the worst things on bicycle i've seen & I responded with "i've seen bikes with the forks on backwards & brake pads down to the metal etc"

I stated that most of the cyclist we see riding on the road are extremely meticulous with their bikes & spend thousands on bicycle equipment & servicing, I also mentioned that the only bikes with the problems such as 'forks on backwards, pads to the metal etc' are the people who buy a bike in a box from a department store & are left to build the bikes for themselves.

I do not work for a shop by the way, I also mentioned well knowen stores such as Tom Wallace, Velo, Victors to name a few. suply their bikes fully assembled & that they also come with free follow-up servicing & a warranty, as well as the rider being proffesionally fit up to the bicycle.

The reporter was CONVINCED that the carbon fibre bikes we see on the road these days are going to catostrophicaly fail underneath the rider as they are so light weight.

I went on to explain to him that the bikes are very strong & generally only break upon very serious impact.

He asked me if there should be compoulsry road worthy certificates & registration for bikes and my immediate firm response was 'NO'.

I went on to explain that a car only gets a roadworthy ONCE and that is when it is registered for the first time & that the car can go 20yrs plus without getting a roadworthy so why should a bike get checked every 6 months?

I mearly recommended that riders get their bike serviced every six months to make sure its in good running condition, NOT that it should get a compoulsory roadworthy

In regards to car registraition: I explained that I pay FULL rego & insurance on not one but TWO cars (one of which i havent even drivin in over a year) so why should I have to pay rego on a bike.

I also mentioned that IF we have to pay rego on a bike that they better provide pristine bike lanes & not try to run cyclist off the road.

In reponse to me being money hungry & selfish, do people actually think i'm getting rich off fixing bikes or something? I get enough money to barely even pay my rent & to feed myself, I choose to do this for work because I don't want to be stuck behind a desk in a booring office job or as a 'check out chick' at woolies. I have actually lent my own personal bikes & parts off my bikes to customers for weeks on end, I give people 2 months to pay their bills & have forked out about $1500 worth of free work & parts on peoples bikes in the past 8 months because I feel bad when it comes time to give them their invoice.

4bc radio station called me up also & spoke to me 'on air' in regards to the newspaper article. I went to to state that I was mis-quoted, they also started complaining to me about cyclist taking up the road. When I responded to defend myself AND cyclist they cut me off.

Channel 10 also contacted me today and asked if I could do a TV interview with them & I stated that I DO NOT support bicycle registration/roadworthys & that I want to see the footage before it is put on TV, but honestly I do not want to go on TV seeing as there is about 180 comments on some stupid news forum bashing me for something that I never even said.

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Re: RE bicycle roadworthys

Postby Kalgrm » Tue Feb 02, 2010 9:08 pm

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