Middle Distance Rides

Re: Middle Distance Rides

Postby MountGower » Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:42 pm

G'day again,

I had a day off today. While I'm determined not to turn this in to my blaaaag, ruining it's true intended purpose, there's a few recent news items, current affair type things I have to share.

Firstly, I have to say how good it is to have a wife who knows what makes you tick. In the past I've had days off where I've gone to bed too late on Sunday, hit the snooze button ten times and wallowed around in a mire of depressed could o' should o' would o' type nonsense - all because I didn't ride my bike. How sweet it is to have a wife who insists you get up at 5am, go ride your bike and take her out for lunch on your day off.

Secondly and more related to middle distances is my tyre situation. I used Nano Raptors for about 9 years. They came with my Merida Matts Comp SX and I loved them so much I was too scared and too much the classic melancholic to ever try anything else. Hilariously, I recently put on a set of cheap, heavy, wire Exiwolfs - almost identical pattern to the Nanos - until my beloveds came in to stock at C R C. In the mean time I ordered a set of Geax Saguaros and recently got tired - pardon the pun - of waiting for the Exiwolfs to wear out. Typical WTB tyres that last for ever. I saved a lot of weight with this as I am now airing up with a small amount of latex and water and not using active sealant. This allowed me to ditch the split tube - something I used because I had weeping issues with active sealant, giving me green cordial around my beads and poor air holding. The combination of lighter tyres, no split tube and almost no sealant has made a noticeable difference. More to the point, I pushed them to the brink today and they stuck brilliantly. As soon as the front started letting go, the rear followed suit immediately. I rode some trails today as fast as I can remember. I love my new Saguaros.

Thirdly, I bought my first GPS last week. A Garmin eTrex Vista HCx. Delivered for $250 from Lemon Digital in England, instead of $420 here. Now I can waste even more time on the computer. More to the point I can now feel more comfortable doing some of the far away rides I am hoping to do soon with a reliable map and current location in front of me. It was interesting to see Saturday's and today's rides on a map too. I have also managed to download some very useful track logs from other people from various sites that will make some future rides easier.

Back to the original topic. While 30km is hardly a middle distance ride, even off road, it is the length of a complete loop of Daisy Hill and I now have nice little map of all the trails. So if anyone out there is thinking of going there for the first time, you are welcome to it.

What might you see when you are there?

Looking back at the rock garden in Tunnel Of Love:


Some switchbacks near Second Cummin:



Another one from the Black Boy trail and the fire trail heading to Stonehenge:









Back to work tomorrow.

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by BNA » Mon Nov 08, 2010 9:02 pm


Re: Middle Distance Rides

Postby MountGower » Mon Nov 08, 2010 9:02 pm


This is a repeat of Saturday's post after the SQL Error, lost posts etc, as best as I can remember it. Just close your eyes and pretend it's Saturday for a minute. Then open them again and read on.

After having a fair bit of rain during the week I decided to head west in search of dry trails. I found them south of Ipswich in some of the most beautiful trails we have to offer.

I kicked off from the end of Carmichaels Rd, Purga at Harding's Paddock and followed the rail trail. I had a couple of GPS plots but being a GPS noob I didn't filter them to less than 500 points per track and it "truncated" right when I needed it the least. Instead of coming home via wild Pig Creek Rd and Undullah Rd making a hard, but bitumen free loop, I spiralled my way to the end of Washpool Rd and Dwyers Rd and on to the Ipswich Boonah Rd at Peaks Crossing. From there a time trial like ride with the wind in my back up to Carmichaels Rd and back to the car.

All up a hard 75km. Next time I will make better use of time and energy and complete the ride as planned now I have the GPS track thing sorted out. This area throws up some fantastic views, many of which are hard to photograph due to the near tree line as per the BFP syndrome I have often lamented here.

I guess the best thing to do is go and ride it yourselves, which I thoroughly recomend and plan to do myself very soon.

Here are some photos:










Have a great week.

Re: Middle Distance Rides

Postby MountGower » Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:59 am


Saturday was an interesting, if not overly fulfilling day. I got up at 4.30am and drove off at 5.15am. All was looking good until things started going wrong and the lesson of the day started to expose itself in a way that would last the entire day.

There are a few websites around these days where people can post up GPX tracks of rides they’ve done so others may share the enjoyment of experiencing them first hand. Some people, for reasons known only to themselves and in complete defiance of common sense and courtesy, post rides that actually can not be ridden.

Take BS Track 1 for example. I know the rail trail is not officially open from Ipswich to Wanora, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be ridden. Further more, I now have a GPX track proving that it can, or so I thought. Wrong. I arrived on the scene at 6.15am, kit up and get on my way. Within 2km I am confronted with a rather deep water crossing, complete with steep sides and no way around, yet the GPX track says I’m right to go, offering no detour.

Finding no detour on my own either, I head back to the car and load up my bike. I visit a couple more spot a little further along the way, but decide that I can no longer trust this track. The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail is open from Wanora to Toogoolawah, so I drove to Wanora where it starts. A sign on the fence says it’s in repair. Understandable given recent weather.

I now decide to go to Undullah Rd and ride BS GPX track 2. Supposedly a path down Wild Pig Creek Rd to Old Beaudesert Rd, Coulson. Another speculator. Wild Pig Creek Rd does not link up to Old Beaudesert Rd, but is quite a nice out and back.

I ended up riding 58km, but it wasn’t exactly a very hard ride and what a late start in the end. The car did a massive 230km for the day and the eventual ride wasn’t started until 9.15am, 3 hrs after I originally rode off at the first BS track.

Wild Pig Creek Rd, for what it is worth, is quite a nice road to ride and the scenery is worth while too. To be honest I really wish there was much more of this type of riding close to Brisbane. I’d also prefer if it was able to be included as a loop or at least had a loop at the end before riding back. It’d be even better if the reality of it was as per BS track 2. I’d really like to be able to access Mt Joyce and the Wyaralong Dam via this road when it opens.

Lesson 1: Just because it makes no sense to publicly post BS GPX tracks that can’t be ridden, that doesn’t mean people won’t do it. I’m sure they mean well and have probably generated their BS track from a BS map, but why you’d publicly post a track you haven’t ridden is beyond me. Always lay tracks you’d like to ride over google earth before riding them.

Lesson 2: The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail website will not always give you the full picture. I’m sure it is run by good people who give more to the community than I do, but if there is notice on their website that a section is closed, avoid the whole thing.

I guess you can’t expect every weekend to go perfectly. Past experience would probably indicate that for each one of us already and a new toy, in this case a GPS, makes you a noob all over again. I’ll never trust another person’s GPX track again until I have laid it over google earth.

All this has made me even more determined to figure this area out and formulate as many awesome loops as I can. The heat of summer may see my return to the road shortly, so we’ll see how it goes over the next three or four months. I bought a Camelbak HAWG recently that carries two three litre bladders and has room for more fluid if you can bear to carry it, just in case I am unable to put the MTB down this summer. A man’s got to drink. Days like last Saturday make me think I might fill one of the bladders with Vodka.

Anyway, onwards and upwards and all that.

Photos? Let’s say I was in no mood for stopping given the time situation, but I’ll get some good shots of Wild Pig Creek Rd soon enough. It’s worth a look, though, so if you can’t wait, you know what to do. Go and ride it.

See you next time.

Re: Middle Distance Rides

Postby ZepinAtor » Sat Nov 27, 2010 6:20 am

Hey Mountgower I've just discovered this forum by accident through an MTBR link & realized we do exactly the same rides as you. I have duplicate photos of the same places from alternative angles. We should get in touch & link up for a few rides this summer depending on pace & destination of course.
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Re: Middle Distance Rides

Postby MountGower » Sat Nov 27, 2010 8:15 pm

G'day Zepinator

I haven't updated this thread for the last two weeks because of work and that I haven't done anything out of the ordinary that I considered any more photo worthy than what I've already posted. This thread is meant to be a record of my rides, but until Decenber 18, I can't see myself doing anything that I haven't done a thousand times. By all means come along any time.

Over summer, I will become more inclined to do road rides, like Coolangatta return, Bromelton, Coulson, Peak Crossing, Ipswich return, Mooloolaba and return by car, Gympie and return by train etc, etc. I find MTB rides like 60-75km BFP rides are too hot in summer. Road rides allow me to set sail at first light and make it home in time to stay alive - just. I can send you my details in a PM and we can certainly do something any time from December 18.


Re: Middle Distance Rides

Postby spalen » Wed Jul 06, 2011 6:02 pm

I came back to this thread to say Thank You to MountGower - these photo's and this thread inspired me to go buy a couple of bike for my 14yr old daughter & I and we've had a blast hitting up daisy hill and other trails around here. First time out ended in near disaster after getting lost in the woods and being 20km round trip away from the car in the dark at the wrong side of daisy hill :-) but thats just part of the experience I reckon.

So thank you for introducing this to me - Would not have put my beautiful road bike to the side in favour of "getting dirty" without reading this thread.
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Re: Middle Distance Rides

Postby MountGower » Thu Jul 07, 2011 7:33 pm

G’day Spalen

Thanks very much for the kind words and I am glad to hear of your daughter and yourself enjoying some time together outside.

The thread pretty much ran it’s course and I feel that I have pretty much run mine as well. Over a year ago I actually asked for my account to be deleted. The reply I received was long and ambiguous, leaving me cross-eyed and confused at the half way mark and giving up, I just took it as a no and went my way.

The problem is that it didn’t last long and I found myself back wasting as much time as ever on the internet. This thread is about the only thing I’m not ashamed of regarding all the hours I have wasted on the internet in the last few years. It has been no more to me than a diversion from all the things I really should have been doing and I only have mysself to blame.

I compare myself to people sitting around at shopping centres all day when they have no intention of buying anything. What the hell are they doing? Well, am I any different? The internet is a great tool and can be used for many good purposes, but I don’t see forums as one of them anymore - for me at least. Obviously, I have not stopped looking and admit that I am glad to have seen your post.

I still do these rides every Saturday and am happy for people to contact me if they are interested. My last three rides were a 57km single track ride at Nerang, 94km fire trail ride in the Brisbane Forest Park and my “Bread’n’Butter Loop”, which is a 75km loop of Daisy Hill, Eastern Escarpment, Karingal Scout Camp and Cornubia Escarpment with no bitumen. They are long, moderately difficult rides with the recent BFP ride having 3300m of ascent. I really need to get out and do a road ride in the clear winter gorgeousness soon, too.

I also have some good GPS plots of those areas if you want them, or if you have any questions that may help you find your way around a little quicker, I’m happy to help if I can.

I’d prefer email at mountgower@ hotmail.com.

If you ask me, I'd say that the most important thing in this short little thread is the (memorial) pictures of Lawton Rd. My favourite place to ride a bike in Brisbane washed away by 1500mm of rain in a week.

That’s life.


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