Boonah MTB Marathon - 26th Sept 2010

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Boonah MTB Marathon - 26th Sept 2010

Postby RobM » Tue Aug 31, 2010 9:04 am

Hi All
Me and a couple of mates are gunna give the 'lite marathon' (50km) a go this year. I do abit of road riding and will be ramping it up for the next few weeks but i still expect to be in pain during/after the race.

Has anyone done it in the past? How technical is it (or is it mainly firetrail type stuff)? Any tips and tricks from past experiences?

Im thinking of bringing allen key set, eletrical tape (so many uses) and 2 spare tubes. I dont really want to lug around half my shed for 50km. Ill be fortunate enough to have my partner at the halfway checkpoint with drinks/food so i wont need to carry it all from the start. Im hoping armwarmers and vests arent needed - more things for me to lose along the way :lol:


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