Brisbane Coot-tha Challenge 2011

Re: Brisbane Coot-tha Challenge 2011

Postby gooldin » Thu Jun 16, 2011 9:28 am

Mount Coot-tha Timed Section using Garmin Edge 500



PS dont forget to hit "view in metric" up the top right!

Hi guys,

Myself and my work mate recently bought a Garmin, I the Edge 500 and him the new Forerunner 310XT!

After completing the mount coot tha challene this year we both decided we would try and go up once a week on the way to work in hope of bettering our time! Needless to say, I only went up last week for the first time since!
Anyway, the idea is, now that we are both proud owners of these fine machines, is to use the Virtual Partner to race against ourselves to help us get quicker! Expectedly, I was almost a full minute slower than my time on the big day earlier in the year.

Has anybody else used a Garmin for this section only? I started and stopped exactly on the line. So it would be good to find something similar to race against also!

I noticed some differences between our two readings, if you look at my (gooldin) elevation chart, it is almost a dead straight line, where as his (fatrobo) is a little bumpy. Is this as a resulf of gps readings from two different modles, therefore having different levels of GPS accuracy resulting in different readings? Or could it be that there were less sattelite's on the two different days? Which one is correct?

Elevation chart accuracy is not massively important, however you will also notice a difference in the overall distance - given that we both hit start and stop as we crossed the lines marked on the road!

There is also a difference in the heart rate chart's, mine is a mass of small straight lines and his is a smooth curve - its almost like mine is only taking a reading every few seconds compared to his being constant!

Why does it show you this, and why are they different seen as he was moving constantly -
Time: 00:14:32
Moving Time: 00:14:15
Elapsed Time: 00:14:32
Whats the difference between the "Elapsed time" and the "Time"?
Then on my info the "Moving time" is 14.04 but "elapsed time" is 14.03..very strange! Surely the total "Elapsed time" should be equal to or less than my "Moving time"??

It will be good to see the second reading from both computers next week to see if they are consistantly incorrect/incorrect!

Here's hoping we can knock 3 mins off our time over the next year!

Any tips on using the Virtual Partner would be great!



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