URGENT - email council today re Coottha Carpark

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URGENT - email council today re Coottha Carpark

Postby elantra » Mon Mar 21, 2011 1:15 pm

It has slipped under the radar a bit but this is a potentially serious issue for the Cycling community.

Today is the last day that BCC will take feedback on proposed Parking station locations for the Legacy Way (AKA Northern-LinK) construction site at Toowong/Mt Coot-tha.

Council need to establish a carpark for the workforce, and need to provide for at least 300 cars.
There are 5 possible sites that have been proposed by Council, and some locations will affect "us" more than others

Personally i think that proposed site at Hoop Pine picnic area is preposterous and would be the one option that is most deleterious to most people.
The other location on Scenic Drive, Mt Coot-tha would also impact severely on cycling on the Mt Coot-tha circuit.

FWIW i wonder why BCC cannot find space in the Toowong Bus Depot for at least some of their carparking for this project!

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