Maroochydore/Sunshine coast - Cycling in the western hills

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Maroochydore/Sunshine coast - Cycling in the western hills

Postby Puddycat » Thu Jul 14, 2011 6:54 pm

Dear ACFers!

I'm a Kiwi living in Switzerland with rellies in Maroochydore. I stumbled across your lovely site while checking out the area of Oz where my rellies are living. My hubby and I are keen cyclists and would like to see this lovely part of your country from the bike seat.

I did a search of the forum and couldn't find anything specific. Can any of you share your experiences cycling out to lake Baroon or point me in the direction of existing posts? Any other tips on nice places to bike in this area would be much appreciated too.

Thanks a million :)

Now I'll go check out the cycling safety section to see how scary Ozzie motorists are around bikers...


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