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Runaway Bay

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2011 7:51 pm
by Brownster
Going to be in QLD on Wednesday / Thursday so was wondering if anyone has a good 50km to 80km loop from Runaway Bay that is worth road riding on.

Re: Runaway Bay

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2011 10:15 pm
by A_P
here's a few of my regular routes,
baileys mtn road is best done heading west as its a steep decent towards a T intersection the other way.
and one with hills :)
sun is up about 0430 these days so earlier the better to beat the humidity.

Re: Runaway Bay

Posted: Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:35 am
by PB12IN
The ride down to the border following the beach and back isn't to bad. A couple of short hills at the end but that’s really it, from runaway bay it is probably about 70-75km return trip.