missing riverwalk link to be filled

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missing riverwalk link to be filled

Postby beauyboy » Tue Feb 12, 2008 8:55 am

The Liberals also yesterday announced a plan to extend New Farm's riverwalk path, filling in the so-called "forgotten" section from the Powerhouse to Cutter's Landing in Teneriffe.

The path will come with a $2.5 million price tag, but Liberal candidate for Central, Vicki Howard, said while it was expensive, residents had been campaigning for it for some time.

This was cut from the Couriermail.com.au under the Bus Battle artical.

I have to agree currently how the bikeway finishs is a trap with minimal warning that the walk finishs. It needs to be filled.

While the artical only says Liberals this is has also been promissed by labor as well.

BCC give us some more bikeways fore safe travel!!!!
Upgrade the NCL now QR!!!!!!
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