Beware this dangerous driver

Re: Beware this dangerous driver

Postby liquor box » Mon Jan 30, 2012 12:04 pm

Inwood wrote:
queequeg wrote:
sumgy wrote:Sorry this is a miscommunication of what was available.
It is a footpath. There is a ramp and sign with a bike symbol on it.
I have checked with my police officer mates and I do not have to ride on the footpath.
The Go Between Bridges is a different thing and from what I understand there is signage directing all bikes to use the bikeway. In the case of the Go Between I always use the bikeway anyway.
Here is the sign and ramp:


I am a little confused by this photo. It shows a Bike Lane sign, but there is no Bike Lane present on the road beyond the sign. Under Rule 247(b), a Bicycle Lane can only be on the actual road, so the sign in the photo is actually saying that the left lane is in fact a nice wide Bicycle Lane :-) Why? Because under Rule 153 (4) A bicycle lane is a marked lane, or the part of a marked
(a) beginning at a bicycle lane sign applying to the lane; and
(b) ending at the nearest of the following—
(i) an end bicycle lane sign applying to the lane;
(ii) an intersection (unless the lane is at the unbroken
side of the continuing road at a T-intersection or
continued across the intersection by broken lines);
(iii) if the road ends at a dead end—the end of the road.

Since I don't see an end bicycle lane sign or an intersection, the assumption must be that the lane continues over the bridge, and you are therefore riding in the bicycle lane as required :-)

I had a look at the google streetview too. The sign may be incorrectly used. I think its trying to indicate that the footpath is a bike path due to the ramp just beyond the sign. But it is saying its a bike lane, but it can't be a bike lane if its not a lane on the road. So I think you get a choice here as to whether to use the footpath or the road???? While it is compulsory to use a bike lane when available, I don't think that is a bike lane even though the sign says so. Might be a good one to officially question?

that signage is quite common around Springfield Lakes, there are wide bike lanes outside the fog lines on the left hand side of the roads, but when you approcah a bridge there is a ramp to the footpath that crosses the bridge and then returns to the road immediately after the bridge, this is due to the area outside the fog line reducing from about 2m to about 30cm in some cases. I tend to merge into the left lane to cross the bridges.
liquor box
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by BNA » Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:37 pm


Re: Beware this dangerous driver

Postby jasonc » Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:37 pm

Comedian wrote:
sumgy wrote:
Comedian wrote:Thanks for the warning. Unfortunately looking for a silver Pajero is nearly like looking for a yellow cab there are so many of them out there. :o

But there is only one with the rego 393KRY. :D

So now you want me to look over my shoulder and read the rego plates of cars that are about to buzz me. :o I have a mirror so can generally make out types and colours of cars but reading the rego is pushing it. :mrgreen:

we need that automatic number plate reader. we need a few copper mates who will lend us theirs!
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