Retro Riverloop Raturdays :D

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Re: Retro Riverloop Raturdays :D

Postby Wazza » Sat Feb 08, 2014 10:18 pm

munga wrote:i see that an ex-bna member is trying to drum up support for the raturday riverloop on his Facebook page.
i'm in two minds about starting a new thread, and suggesting a new meeting point for any further retro riverloop raturdays.
also, there's a Facebook page (which i co-host) called where I post upcoming local events/rides that I hear about.
if you would like to contribute (or lurk/sledge), please feel free to join.

I think the new thread would be a good idea. Time to rejuvenate :wink:

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Re: Retro Riverloop Raturdays :D

Postby munga » Sun Feb 09, 2014 7:08 pm

Oldfart Wal Sanson Yeah, I know, had numerous PM's today, let's call it the Saturday Morning Retro Ride from now on, poor dears in their little private groups are upset. Let's move on from the petty attitudes, I've kept this page & the other page (ha, you guys might not know about that one! Let's play- find the new page on a public forum) public, no secrets, no secret little societies, the only reason I've left it that new people have to be approved is to stop the spammers.

i replied to this on his page but it was deleted almost immediately.

basically, i suggested he pull his head in and the reason people don't attend his rides is looking him in the mirror. "show some class" i said. "not everyone appreciates your opinions, especially other cafe patrons". "I know your hearts in the right place, but if you want to act boorish, that's how others will perceive you".

wal, by deleting my message, you're reinforcing the perception that if someone disagrees with you, that you shun and deride them. you're a hack bully. everyone sees through you.

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