Cancer survivor lost sigma on story bridge - Please help

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Cancer survivor lost sigma on story bridge - Please help

Postby Le Velo » Fri Aug 24, 2012 8:45 pm

Hi all Brisbane based riders .... In my travels today I heard that one of the RTCC riders just lost his sigma computer on the story bridge in the past few days and would like to retrieve it. Not for the sake of the computer itself as a matter of fact he has been given a new one already as a replacement however this one has a special emotional attachment to him as it clocked over 10,000 kms since his diagnosis and treatment .... Below is his fb post

If anyone is lucky enough to find it shoot me a pm and we will get in touch with its owner


Well, maybe not DESPERATELY. Last night I lost my Sigma speedometer somewhere between the Story Bridge and 100m past the Goodwill Bridge, heading West. I didn't see or hear it come off in the dark. It's only a $50 unit, but as most will know, it's a bit special as recorded 10,000+ km for me (TOTAL ODO is probably 10,250km now). If you're going through this section, including the straight paved path in the Gardens, please keep an eye out for me. Damaged or working, I'd like to get it back if possible.
Thanks guys, Rob.

Strava log of the ride I was doing at the time. Lost Sigma speedo between Story bridge (13km) and just past Goodwill bridge (16km). You can see where I turned around to look for it. ... GPPWor&s=1

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