Cairns: Cycleway to Carpark Conversion

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Cairns: Cycleway to Carpark Conversion

Postby oxonabike » Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:36 pm

Local council in Cairns is 'Destroying' 200 metres of busy cycleway to provide extra car parking on the Esplanade, having done exactly zero consultation. This was officially opened last year to great fanfare at a total cost of $6.1M. The joke of it that they are citing safety concerns over high speed cyclist using the dedicated infrastructure due to close proximity to pedestrians. Of course, directing the cyclists to the shared path is going to resolve those safety issues. :evil:

Current set up along that stretch is dedicated cycleway, shared path, and a broadwalk dedicated pedestrian path. Should be interesting at the ride to work breakfast that is being held on the esplanade next Wednesday.

Cairns Post Article

Strangely positive comments too!

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