Cheers Chaps [Gold Coast]

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Cheers Chaps [Gold Coast]

Postby K2 » Sun Oct 21, 2012 6:32 pm

To the six or seven blokes [and a lady for a while] who allowed me to draft them from just before Jabiru Island [Paradise Point] to Smith Street [Southport] this morning without complaining or trying to lose me - Thanks very much. Initially I just wanted to see if I could keep up for a bit, and finding that possible, decided to push on to the 50k mark before turning for home.

Thanks to your timely inspiration my planned 80k developed into my first 100k effort and your assistance greatly helped with a 30.1k average. [Yes, that .1 matters a lot. I nearly killed myself over the last 5k trying not to let it drop any further. :) ]

And apologies again for significantly reducing the attractiveness of your fine looking bunch with the addition of a Cr-Mo Mtb at the rear for about 11k.

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