Mall 2 Mall challenge

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Mall 2 Mall challenge

Postby winona_rider » Mon Apr 28, 2008 11:37 am

was a great day. had a ball. rode super-fast.

kept my average above 30km/hr for the 52ks - and i thought this was pretty impressive seeing as the first 10 kms were kinda slow cause i was way out the back of the pack when we started.

this was my first real group ride and it was amazing feeling the speed and ease of riding in a pack. it felt like you could just cruise and still maintain 35+

In the pack i tried to stay outta the way but i did accidentally lightly bump another rider going around a super tight corner at very low speed. pleased to say he was cool about it and i was very apologetic and promised to do better next time.

the route was really good and safe - maybe got overtaken by 6 cars the whole way... and bernie ripoll (local MP and event organiser) put on a great spread when we got there.

I then rode over to my grandparents house and said hello before riding very slowly back along mt crosby road (which is a really nice route i think)
i didn't quite make it back to brisbane that way - my GF kindly picked me up at Anstead.

awesome day!

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