Restoration build (Galli parts req)

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Restoration build (Galli parts req)

Postby Mattfixed » Sat Jan 12, 2013 9:52 am

Hey all,

Posting this up in two areas under the advice of a gent I met this morning at West End.
Looking for the following bits for my restoration build of a bike from the 80's

I require the following Galli Components, brakes, levers, chainset, seatpost, pedals, rims (700c + 650c) I assume laced to a set of Galli hubs.
If anyone has any Galli parts for sale I'd be keen to have a look and get some photos to forward on to one of the original cyclists to confirm if they're the correct part.

Once I have some more details on the specifics, I'll post more, but for now just putting the feelers out.


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