Neither road nor mountain.


Neither road nor mountain.

Postby MountGower » Thu May 29, 2008 9:01 pm

It is looking like a wet weekend people.

When it is raining too much to feel safe on the road or in the bush, I ride the bike path from Mitchelton to Redcliffe. Sometimes I ride my MTB with pavement tyres and sometimes the Supercommuter, a Repco Victory Tri-A. The MTB just had a birthday, so I will ride the Supercommuter this Saturday. Regardless of what type of bike you would ride, this is at least better than sitting at home.

It is also possible that this could turn in to quite a mad event and include a return trip down the Bulimba Creek path if people are up to it. No doubt there is the potential here for a 160km ride all up.

Post up your ideas or interest. I propose meeting behind Crushers Leagues Club early Saturday morning. Mitchelton – back past – Redcliffe – return, see how people feel, grab some food and over to Bulimba Creek if there is interest.

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