Riverwalk (bikeway) is Failing. Mayor says he's been abused

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Riverwalk (bikeway) is Failing. Mayor says he's been abused

Postby beauyboy » Thu Jun 19, 2008 8:10 pm

Both Articals have come from the Quest Paper "city News

City News
Riverwalk to nowhere
BRISBANE, June 19: Brisbane's Riverwalk is facing a $6 million repair bill, but neither the Brisbane City Council nor the Port of Brisbane Authority want to pay for it.

Port of Brisbane spokesman Rick Morton admitted Riverwalk was a safety hazard and added its impending temporary closure was unavoidable.

"The condition of the boardwalk is of concern. It has some issues and we have consulted an engineering group to do some research," Mr Morton said.

Lord Mayor Campbell Newman said the Riverwalk was built on leased Port of Brisbane Authority land and negotiations had been ongoing for the past 18 months over who would pay to fix it.

"The Port of Brisbane want to hand it over (to the council), but it could be very expensive for the ratepayers to fix it," Cr Newman said.

Mr Morton said there was definitely evidence of concrete cancer in the Riverwalk's foundations and support structure.

"There are some indications (cancer), some of the pylons are older than others and we'll know what's required when we know what condition they're in.

"They (engineers) have been taking core samples and will provide us with the engineering condition survey for the whole boardwalk, not just the pile-ons."

Mr Morton confirmed Riverwalk would be closed in the near future but could not say when renovations would start. He would not confirm who would pay for repairs.

The structure opened in 2003 at a cost of $15 million but has been plagued with maintenance problems since.

Architect says pathway a city eyesore
BRISBANE, June 19: A Brisbane architect has lambasted the state of the Riverwalk and labelled it a serious safety hazard for city pedestrians and cyclists.

Michael Kennedy uses the Riverwalk daily and says the eyesore has been in a state of disrepair with safety barriers and fencing restricting pedestrian space for more than 12 months.

"The walkway has been in this state for at least one year, if not two," Mr Kennedy said.

"The temporary fencing looks unsightly and significantly reduces the width of the walkway.

"It is a major facility used by commuters, recreational users and tourists, and should be presented in a much better condition than it is now."

Mr Kennedy also challenged Brisbane City Council to clarify the signage for cyclists, who share the restricted space along the Riverwalk with pedestrians.

"It's confusing. The signage tells cyclists to dismount and everyone disregards it, so why have it?" he asked.

Lord Mayor Campbell Newman agreed with Mr Kennedy's concerns and admitted to being harassed by cyclists.

"I've been abused by cyclists telling me to 'move over and get out of the way' as they ride past," Cr Newman said.

I agree the bikeway is narrow but I am very angry at the Mayor for airing such a complain. I refuse to believe that the cyclist said such a comment without due cause.

BCC give us some more bikeways fore safe travel!!!!
Upgrade the NCL now QR!!!!!!
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