Any broken carbon frames?

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Any broken carbon frames?

Postby 87sf » Fri Sep 27, 2013 5:22 pm

Hello all

I have recently been repairing several friends carbon road bike frames, and decided to look into building my own.
I have been working out the best method and have realised it will be best to use several sections from broken carbon bikes.
It will save me quite a bit of time and cursing to use a pre manufactured steering tube, crank tube and dropouts.
I currently have a Medium-Large Giant TCR and am using the geometry from that.

So if anyone in Brisbane has a similar (I don't care what brand) frames or parts and had planned to throw them away, please don't. Let me know and if I can use them I will take them off your hands. If the components or forks are suitable, not or minorly damaged, I might be able to offer you $ for what I can use and you don't want.

I found out after I decided to try building a frame that a friend had been in an accident, insurance paid for an entirely new bike and left the old one in his possession. He threw it out... Bugga.


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