race rider nicknamed PANDA

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race rider nicknamed PANDA

Postby Felixqld66 » Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:10 am

Hey Queenslanders

Just getting into the retro racing bike thing and trying to find out some details on a bike l purchased in the late 90's off a guy in wynumm.

He said it was a.pro team Vitus in titanium the bottom bracket was stamped with the original riders nickname PANDA.

it was running shimano tri colour that the owner after the pro had put on the frame. I rode it that way for a couple of year then upgraded it too ultegra sti.

It was a very sweet ride sold it for a carbon.upgrade as l couldn't afford to keep it as well.....wish l still had it went to a nice bloke in Canberra who was stoked.

Any history on PANDA or the bike would be great as I was never able confirm if it was a Vitus the frame was decal free.


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