Improved Road Shoulders: Wamuran to D'Aguilar

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Improved Road Shoulders: Wamuran to D'Aguilar

Postby Pax » Sat Sep 20, 2008 11:16 am

Been while since I did Mt Mee from the D'Aguilar side, so decided to do it this morning.

Was delighted to see that since I last did it (??couple of months ago??) they have put shoulders on the bits of the road between Wamuran and D'Aguilar that didn't previously have them.

I'm all for cyclists owning the lane, but definitely prefer shoulders on the 100kph roads. Much more enjoyable ride this morning (until I hit the 15% incline up Mt Mee and remembered how tough that can feel).

Great ride though and fewer motorbikes and cars than usual. 3 separate magpie attacks though :shock:

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Improved Road Shoulders: Wamuran to D'Aguilar

Postby Orion » Sat Sep 20, 2008 3:33 pm

I've started riding occasionally from Wamuran to Caboolture on the D'aguilar Highway. The shoulder is reasonably wide along that section too. However, a dedicated bicycle lane/path would be nice. Can't see it happening in the near future though.
If you're after a rough ride try the old railway line. There's a track along side it from Wamuran to King St. I ride this regularly on my 20yr old MTB. Some sections of it can kind of shake your teeth out.
I've been attacked by a Maggie along here too.

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