Ride Like Crazy 2010 post-ride review

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Ride Like Crazy 2010 post-ride review

Postby steveoc » Sun Jan 17, 2010 4:21 pm

Post your reviews, photos, stories about the 2010 RideLikeCrazy event here.

Ill post mine soon .. too worn out right now to string a sentence together , hey hey :oops: .. except to say that the organisation, catering, hordes of volunteers and level of backup of this event was brilliant, and the route and scenery was superb. More later ....
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Re: Ride Like Crazy 2010 post-ride review

Postby Dr_Mutley » Sun Jan 17, 2010 7:35 pm

was a great day.. i echo the sentiments about the organisation of the day... all brilliant...
secondly, the day as a whole was a ripper... great to be out amongst so many enthusiastic, personable bikers...

weather was the only downer... wet... followed by some fast descents = cold....

The easier part of the course i thought was going to be the descent from cudlee creek back to adelaide.... wind was mainly in the face however all the way, combined with wet slippery road made descending treacherous... I tried some 50mm carbon clinchers for the ride, which was a mistake given the winds.... made for a few hairy moments due to the wind...

Crashes: I unfortunately had a couple go down a few wheels in front to me at about 40kmh.... not to much damage besides pride and road rash... more serious however was the poor fellow near the reservoir who face planted the wall at speed.... alot of claret about.... and ambulances thereafter...

personally i was happy.... started mid bunch, and clocked in at 3:58 with no stops, so it was a good test of my fitness for friday for me...

To sum up, fantastic day... will be back next year :)

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