customer service at super eliotts in rundle st.

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customer service at super eliotts in rundle st.

Postby silverlight » Thu Aug 16, 2007 11:20 am

I have gone into this shop quite a few times and i am very dissappointed everytime by their lack of expertise and service. Not too long ago I asked for advice or help where i would be able to source some older parts and i basically got the " cant help and tough luck look" and another time i was being served and asking about some wheels when the sales guy went off to serve another guy and left me there, the older guys are fine but its these youngers guys (no offence to anyone here) who think all bikes should be carbon fibre, They wouldnt even know if i walked in with my 5 star and 1930's Elliott, just heavymetal to them. dissapointed customer

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Postby MichaelB » Thu Aug 16, 2007 11:29 am

Gotta be honest, I'm not surprised by the lack of help for older stuff. I think you would get the same from most of the other bigger shops like JT's, Standish, Bicycle Express et al.

The stores that you need to target are the older ones like Bernie Jones etc. The main stores just don't deal in stuff that is pre '90's probably. As you can imagine, there are 20 million things available for current bikes, let alone the old ones (as i am finding out).

As I found out last night hwne look at an older frame, there is so many things to even think about, let lone understand.

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Postby Deanj » Thu Aug 16, 2007 4:44 pm

Went in here for my first time couple of weeks ago when looking to buy my bike. Don't want to put anyone off from going here from my experience as they had some nice bikes but I wasn't going to spend my money there.

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Postby stevos » Sat Aug 18, 2007 5:44 pm

if you a looking for a bike store with older parts there is a bike store on hampstead road that deal in old bike parts.
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