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Re: Best Road

Postby David_G » Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:15 pm

you cannot be sirrus wrote:
David_G wrote:
you cannot be sirrus wrote:(AT) David_G as this topic is in the South Australian forum I'm guessing the roads are in SA.

A Victorian seeming a bit thick, who'd have thought it. :wink:

Oops, I replied from the "latest posts" heading, I didn't realise it was a state based thread..I'll get out of here now.

Done the same thing myself a few times. Stay, we are a welcoming bunch.

I might just do that, thanks for the invite.
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Re: Best Road

Postby Daccordi Rider » Wed Jun 08, 2011 9:28 am

boyracer wrote:Not a lot of traffic on Blackburn Road.... but i don't see too many others taking that option.

I gave that one a go, Mavic said 16% at the steepest, it is pretty short though.
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Re: Best Road

Postby feeltherush » Sat Jun 11, 2011 11:51 pm

Hi All,

I am lucky enough to be hills dweller all the time and apart from some extra drizzle/rain compared to you guys on the plains I get to ride alot of these roads more often than not and they are all great, we are so lucky to have the hills right on our doorstep with so many stunning routes combined with minimal traffic = happy bike riders. :D

In saying that my favourite couple of rides are as stated previously: Aldgate Valley Road (actually more fun coming up than going down), Deviation Road, Picadilly Valley, but the winner on a beautiful spring/autumn day, in my opinion, is the road from Norton Summit through to Deviation Road in either direction = beautiful hills scenery with some excellent descending and climbing no matter which way you go.

I'm lucky enough that it's only within 30mins of home so can enjoy it on a regular basis but for anyone else it's well worth the effort to come up from town and ride that road.
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