Road bike for hire/borrow in Adelaide

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Road bike for hire/borrow in Adelaide

Postby newbie_rider » Sun Oct 02, 2011 2:46 pm

I am only starting to be interested in road cycling after a couple of friends encouraged me to get a bike and go riding with them. I have always been relatively fit as I am a officer in the defence force. I am thinking about investing in a road bike, however would like to get my hands on a borrowed/hired bike and go for a couple of riding sessions with them on sunday mornings to see if I am really interested prior to buying one. I have never ridden a road bike previously (only mountain bikes to a from uni a few years ago), I am 174cm tall weighing 75kg quite lean and fit. I am unsure what size frame I need and where to hire a bike for a couple of weeks in Adelaide. If anyone has a spare road bike lying around and is happy to lend it out for a couple of week just for a few sunday morning rides, that will be greatly appreciated, I am happy to pay some money for the hire.

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