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Forum catch-up

Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 3:02 pm
by LuckyPierre
I'm going to be in Adelaide next week -any chance of a catchup?

Sadly I won't be there for the weekend, as I can't leave Canberra until Sunday (let's hope that the Brumbies win at home for a change), then I'm going to Loxton for a wedding on Saturday. Well, I'm going to Loxton on Saturday and the wedding is on Sunday, so Saturday morning is an option.

Some options:
- a gentle ride with brunch (gentle because my 12 year old son would be with me);
- a hills ride (he can occupy himself on his cousin's computer); or
- both.

Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 5:00 pm
by Deanj
If thats the 26th I unfortunatly won't be able to make it as I'll be at an MTB race in Claire.

If your here on the 25th and free THIS is on at Cuddle Creek. You'd be able to fit the 12 hour in, in time :wink: