Have you lost your keys?

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Have you lost your keys?

Postby paolo_ski » Wed May 01, 2013 4:54 pm

On Saturday the 30th of April at around 1pm on Old Norton Summit Road (Just after the intersection with Connell Road), I found a set of keys.
They have an electronic Holden flick key, and old mazda key, a bunch of house keys and a Gilbert Motors tag (see pic below).

If these belong to you, or somebody you know just give me a yell. If no-one has claimed them by the end of the week I will send them off to Gilbert Motors.

Also, please don't suggest I drop them to the police. I just returned from the police station. I asked if I could hand them in and the man pulled out a huge bucket filled with keys and said if nobody claimed them in a year they would be moved to the cupboard and thrown out after another year.


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