Adel commuters - BEWARE bus drivers

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Re: Adel commuters - BEWARE bus drivers

Postby simmo71 » Sun Aug 18, 2013 2:09 pm

Rusty good to see you got a good result. If anyone has a problem with a Adelaide bus service definitely get the bus details (the big red number) and route, time, direction of travel etc. The name of the contractor is written above the front door and drivers side window.

If you don't know which contractor to contact, call Adelaide Metro with the bus Number and they will be able to tell you.

The contractor must respond to all written complaints, usually these are from passengers but frequently other road users etc.
If you want to make a complaint don't wait too long as video is usually only stored for a week unless a download is requested and then a permanent copy is made.

As a commuter cyclist /uni student /bus driver I get to see and hear and see all sides of an incident. As a cyclist I definitely ride differently on the road due to my heavy vehicle experience, just as I drive differently due to my cycling experience. I have a small advantage when riding around buses as I know where they want to go and what they are thinking and use this to my advantage.

You will know it's me in the bus if you are fighting a headwind on ANZAC hwy, I will be the one who drops to 45Kph so you can draft and catch back up to the bunch you lost at the last set of lights(whoops did I really say that).

Unfortunately bus driving doesn't attract the most brilliant minds, but there are a few courteous ones out there. All incidents will go on a drivers employment record and if any are serious enough they will be fronting up at Centrelink office the next day- I see it frequently enough.

Happy Riding

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Re: Adel commuters - BEWARE bus drivers

Postby rustychisel » Sun Aug 18, 2013 5:29 pm

Nice one Simmo, and thanks.

And fair enough, most bus drivers are really good, have a hell of a difficult job to do etc. One the day this guy was bad apple.

Adelaide Metro are a joke and a waste of time, I suspect they have javascript disabled on the website so that complaints aren't actually logged. (I'm serious). You want action, march into police station and be firm and courteous. In part my experience took so long because the police first contacted the bus company and depot they were told was where the vehicle originated, then some weeks later after following up got a response which essentially said 'sucked in, the bus is actually from St Agnes depot', so I reckon it was at least 3 weeks later before they got the video. I was by that time expecting the police to tell me 'oh dear, too much time has elapsed so the video has been wiped'.

I gained the impression from the police officer (he was quite circumspect) that the bus company made little effort to be helpful.

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Re: Adel commuters - BEWARE bus drivers

Postby BRLVR.v2 » Thu Aug 22, 2013 8:01 pm

Well done on pursuing this to it's outcome.
I'm sure your rational and calm approach as well as your naturally pleasant manner would have convinced the Officer you weren't just a nutty punter.

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