Outer Harbor Greenway has opened

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Outer Harbor Greenway has opened

Postby gdt » Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:01 pm

The last part of the Outer Harbor Greenway is in place. This runs mostly on quiet roads alongside the Outer Harbor railway from the CBD's riverside Linear Park to Lipson St, Port Adelaide. From the Port options like the docks, the Port Loop and so on provide safe access to many outer west and Peninsula suburbs. Intersections with busy roads are avoided with underpasses (Park Terrace), bridges (South Road), and dedicated traffic lights (the remainder).

If you currently cycle along Port Road between the western suburbs and CBD then the Greenway is a less confronting alternative. Even if you prefer Port Road, when travelling towards the CBD you can make a small diversion before South Road to pick up the cycle bridge and avoid the tricky roadworks at the intersection with South Road and the parked cars and resulting squeeze near The Gov.

People lacking confidence to ride in traffic but wanting a long casual ride could consider that the Outer Harbor Greenway, the Coastal Path, the Mike Turtur Bikeway (Glenelg to CBD), and the Frome Road bikeway form a triangle of roughly 60Km.

In other Port Adelaide commuting news, the Council is currently building a cycle lane along Hart Street to interconnect the Port Loop (which encircles the Inner Port) and the Coastal Path (which runs along the beach foreshore). With trains allowing bicycles for free on weekends this allows families to catch a train to Ethelton (the station on the Port Loop), cycle a few Km west to the increasingly popular southern portion of Semaphore Beach, and avoid the struggle for a car park.

Families seeking a longer ride should note that heading south pretty quickly finds a substantial break in the Coastal Path. A set of homeowners have taken their council to court to avoid the Coastal Path being built on public land in front of their beachside homes. At the moment the only choice is the busy Military Road. This is fine for adult cyclists but a poor option for young cyclists, who would be better served by heading north.

Looking further ahead, in time there will be a dedicated cycleway built upon the current construction road to the immediate north of the Port River Expressway. This should give better access between Mawson Lakes and Port Adelaide, in particular avoiding the many heavy trucks found on the Expressway and the alternative Churchill Road North/Cormack Road.

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