Borrow a bike trailer in October

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Borrow a bike trailer in October

Postby konazz » Thu Jul 05, 2012 9:02 am

Would anyone mind lending me a bike trailer for the 1st week of October? Some friends and i are riding to Sydney and back.

I am planning to buy something like a bob yak but wanted to see if touring is for me.

I'd be happy to leave a healthy deposit and pay $20-$30 for any tyre usage.

Alternatively, if anyone wants to try riding to Sydney with our group of three, please feel free to.

I'm the weakest rider, so my average will be about 15-20km/h. The strongest group member will be averaging 25km/h+

The plan is to ride to Sydney and back but breaking it up in 100km lots (Golburn/mittagong/Sydney).

We r only at planning stage so let me know if you'd be interested. We've never done anything like this before
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