attempted side swipe in Kambah

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attempted side swipe in Kambah

Postby HAKS » Wed May 21, 2008 6:51 pm

thought i would write about this in case the same happens to someone else and they can grab some details.

Was crossing at the lights at the intersection of Athlon Drive & Learmonth Drive in Kambah. ... iwloc=addr

Blue Hilux and White XR Falcon were sitting at the lights waiting to turn into Learmonth . I rocked up on the footpath and hit the crossing button and got the green light within a few seconds. Crossed over and started my way up Learmonth with both front and rear lights blazing, would have been about 5.15pm so not quite dark.

Anyway hilux came past me no worries with at least 2-3 metres between us, Learmonth drive is quite wide (part of the reason i ride it home). Then i hear a car gear down and rev up behind me before looking to the right and seeing the White XR falcon about a foot away from me. Soon as he passed me he move back into the centre of the lane so it was a deliberate move to try hit/scare me. In the dim light i didn't get the chance to get the number plate but as i said it was a white Ford Falcon XR with red P Plates next to the rear number plate on the right.

All i can say is what a tool, i can only imagine they weren't happy with me rocking up at the lights and getting a green crossing light before they did. Hopefully if they try the same on anyone else someone will get their number plate.

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