flattish, uninterrupted training rides >20km

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flattish, uninterrupted training rides >20km

Postby bklff3 » Tue Jun 18, 2013 1:27 pm

Hi All,

I'm looking for a flattish training route for road TT training. I'm looking to put down power for at least 20 km, without stopping.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Not good:
Adelaide Ave has too many on-ramps that break up the rhythm.
The old pacific highway and coppins/uriarra loop are rather hilly compared to most triathlon courses.
Parkes Way and Tuggers Parkway are too unsafe to hold a TT position.

Possible courses:
One course may be Adelaide Ave / Cotter road / Uriarra road, turning around at the top of the three sisters.
Theres a great flat anti-clockwise loop around Lake Gininderra (Aikman near the TAFE / Gininderra Dr / Coulter Ave) but it's only 4.5 km.
Lake George to Collector is about perfect, except it starts a bit far away. I've done this once.

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Re: flattish, uninterrupted training rides >20km

Postby Ross » Tue Jun 18, 2013 2:06 pm

Drake Brockman Dr in Higgin/Holt is nice wide road with cycle lane part of the way and pretty flat, though you'd have turn at the golf course and do several laps to make up your 20km.

Similar is Mulligans Flat Rd going from the back of Forde (Gungahlin) toward Sutton. It's actually a false flat so slightly downhill toward Sutton and slightly uphill back toward Gungahlin (bit of a steep pinch just before the cattle grids). Again, you will need to do a few laps tp get your 20km in.

Maybe too the Monaro Hwy from Tuggeranong past Hume to Fyshwick (then you could keep going and turn left onto Morsehead Dr/Parkes Way and head toward Civic - or beyond). Have to watch out for gravel/rubbish on the shoulder there though and pick the right time of day with the traffic

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Re: flattish, uninterrupted training rides >20km

Postby nescius » Tue Jun 18, 2013 2:55 pm

Maybe a couple of laps of this course - Velo TT Effort, there is a road that runs parallel to the federal hwy, is usually fairly quiet so you shouldn't have too much trouble at the turnaround, it's not dead flat but it's less hilly than a lot of other options. It's probably the best thing I can think of at the moment, other than riding along next to lake george, you could drive to the lookout and start there if you only wanted to do the tt effort and not the ride there and back - By George

Edit: Sutton road out towards Gundaroo is fairly flat, there's only one hill that I can think of, might be worth a look as well.
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Re: flattish, uninterrupted training rides >20km

Postby mrgolf » Tue Jun 18, 2013 8:55 pm

I would have thought Fed Hwy would be perfect. If the climb out of Canberra to Horse Park is too much for you, the rest should be perfect. All the way to Lake George. The climb to washing machine hill is long, but not hard. Perfect for a muscle building effort that will pay big dividends in a TT.

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Re: flattish, uninterrupted training rides >20km

Postby WarrenH » Fri Oct 04, 2013 6:55 pm

If you live on the South Side, you could do circuits of Briars Sharrow Road - Plains Road - Hoskinstown Road. This is the flood plain of the Molonglo River. Briars Sharrow Road is 13 kilometres along the Captains Flat Road, East of Queanbeyan. A circuit is 17.5 kilometres. It doesn't come much flatter than this. Hoskinstown Road has some undulations, but nothing much to talk about. You'll see only a handful of vehicles on these roads.

Check out the circuit on SIX Maps ... http://maps.six.nsw.gov.au/ If you don't know, or haven't used SIX Maps, in the top RH corner, drag the Basemap slider down, to reveal the topo map.

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