Everesting Attempt for Nepal this Saturday 20 June

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Everesting Attempt for Nepal this Saturday 20 June

Postby ACT SC600 » Mon Jun 15, 2015 12:20 pm

On the 25th of April a major earthquake hit Nepal. Almost 9,000 people were killed and a further 22,000 injured. There are still tens of thousands of people displaced due to the damage caused. To make matters worse the monsoon season will soon be arriving.
Many people have already donated to the cause but for any that haven’t the people in Nepal still need support. So to assist this cause myself and a group of local cyclists, Marcus O’Toole, Justin Ling, Luke Austin, Gaye Bourke (the Queen of Everesting) and Kate Taylor are looking to raise money by “Everesting” the National Arboretum in Canberra on the 20th of June.

For those unfamiliar with what an ‘Everest’ looks like - the idea is pretty simple…

Find a hill…any hill and ride up and down it until you have reached the height of Mount Everest… That is just under 9km straight up or 8848m.

What will it take?

- 77 laps of the National Arboretum
- 240km and 8848m of straight up.
- 15+ hours of solid riding.

How hard is it…. Well to this date only 500 people in the world have successfully tackled this feat

Please help us by donating to raise funds for Nepal. Come out and support… possibly ride support laps, or go the whole way! Remember this is Canberra and it is the middle of winter, close to the shortest day of the year, it will be dark and cold… very, very cold.

Donate at- https://www.morethansport.org/team/hell ... -for-nepal

Donations are slowly coming in with one primary school in Canberra donating over $900 to the cause

Ps – just checked the Weather forecast… it’s going to be -4 yep that’s right MINUS 4

Riders will start their quest from Midnight on the Friday night with others joining them from the early hours on Saturday Morning

You can follow this on
Twitter @chrismjsimmo75
Instagram @cmjsimmo
Or follow the hashtag #everesting #climbfornepal on Insta and Twitter

Cheers Simmo

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