Ideas for Infrastructure funding

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Ideas for Infrastructure funding

Postby Aushiker » Mon Sep 03, 2007 5:55 pm


Well here is an opportunity for less moaning and bitching and instead putting up something WE want as cyclists :twisted:. I suggest posting the ideas here as well as advising BTAWA.

The Bicycle Federation of Australia is seeking a WA example or 2 of local government cycling infrastructure projects that would be suitable for the feds to fund under the under the infrastructure proposal (HEAT) that the cycling sector is pushing for the coming election. Click here to read the HEAT proposal in full. It is also summarized in Cycling In The West, which BTA members will receive in the next day or so.

A project in one of the WA marginal electorates of Cowan, Hasluck, Stirling, or Swan might have a better chance of attracting attention, but a sample from elsewhere would be fine.

Would anyone like to nominate a project that would be suitable to include? It needs to be a project that local government would build, rather than the State government. Please contact the BTA asap if you have any ideas for a good HEAT project.


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